Donovan Kraeker

/’krey ker’/

Web Developer and Entrepreneur that operates multi-channel retail e-commerce with numerous online brands.

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“Continuously growing, learning and conceiving new ideas

Donovan Kraeker is a full time entrepreneur that develops websites, operates e-commerce properties and designs products soon to come. He enjoys working at home with his incredible wife and two amazing daughters, in the Prairies of Canada.

A full-time entrepreneur since 2008, the first company he established was Simple Delivery Service[1]A service for delivering food, groceries, alcohol, and more to your door. In 2009, GadgetPlus.ca was the first e-commerce property created and since then many more online stores have been added[3]Feel free to view all stores by visiting OnlineStoreNetwork.ca, including Canada's first virtual reality ecommerce store (vr.lasershop.ca). Great customer service is something to be proud of - together, the online stores have made over 25,000 happy customers.

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“Please message me if you have any questions or opportunities”
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